Weight Loss


Overweight is a common condition that can be seen as a product of our modern way life. Lack of exercise, traveling by cars, rich food and high standards of living are major factors contributing to obesity. Traditional Chinese Medicine differentiates overweight into various types and treats differently.

HRB039MLFor someone who suffers from obesity, the effect is not just limited to cosmetics appearance. It also has a major effect on the work and quality of life. Obesity can be a contributing factor to many other diseases, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart diseases, and in severe cases of heart attack and brain haemorrhages. There are mainly four types of obesities:

1 Spleen deficiency and excessive Phlegm-Dampness

Sympton: Lethargy, shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitation, loose stool, pale and enlarge tongue, deep and thready pulse.

Treatment: Tonify the Spleen system and expel Dampness and Phlegm.


2 Dry Heat in the Spleen system and Stomach

Sympton: Hungry feeling, overeating and drinking, thirst, dry tongue, dizziness, tightness in the chest, constipation, red tongue, thin and yellow coating, taut and thready pulse.

blossomsTreatment: Clean the Stomach, cool the blood and moisten the large intestine.


3 Qi and Blood stagnation

Sympton: Obesity, easily becomes irritable, tightness in the chest, ache in ribs, headache, bitter taste in mouth, dry throat, constipation, irregular periods, dark tongue with purple patches. Thin yellow coating on the tongue and slippery pulse.

Treatment principle: Regulate Qi and

Promote circulation.

4 Defficiency of Spleen and Kidney Yang

Sympton: Gereral puffiness, weakness and lethargy, loose stools, backache, cold limbs, dizziness and loss of hair, pale and enlarge tongue with white and greasy coating, deep, thready and forceless pulse.

thready pulse.

Herb2Treatment: Warm the Kidney Yang and tonify the Spleen Qi.


Acupuncture treatment:

Acupuncture treatment varies according to the extent to which each Pattern of Disharmony is involved.  It can help surppress the appetite and regulate the digestive system.

Common points are:

Qu Chi, He Gu, Xue Hai, San Yin Jiao, Bai Hui. If the weight lies mostly on the stomach, add: Tian Shu, Shui Dao, Ji Men. If the weight on the thighs, add: Feng Shi, Huan Tiao, If the weight is on the back, add: Shen Shu.


Other ready-to-use herbal products are also very effective to reduce weight, such as, Feiyan Health Tea (which names after an ancient Chinese beauty who discovered this health tea), Dieter drink (very popular in USA), Keep Fit capsule(Shou Fu Jiang Zhi Wan).


Apart from the above treatments, it is best to stick a good diet. Do not eat too many fatty foods such as chocolate, cheese, meats. Eat more vegetable, fruits, and do more exercise.