A migraine is probably the best known and most dreaded headache. Many people equate a migraine with a very bad headache, but it's more than that. It may also be accompanied by visual disturbances and/or nausea. Attack may last from a few hours to several days.



Migraine is thought to be caused by spasm which occurs in the blood vessels of the brain. These blood vessels first contract and then expand resulting in throbbing pain. About 70% of all migraine suffers are women. Changing hormone levels during menstruation, ovulation and menopause may trigger attacks. Certain types of food may also trigger migraine, such as overripe cheese, citrus fruits, red wine etc. There are three main types of migraine in terms of CTM:

1)  High Yang energy in the liver channel. Due to stress, emotional problems, Qi energy is blocked in the liver channel, which causes Yang energy rises to disturb the head. Symptoms: headache, blur vision, possible hot flushes, thirst, Red tongue and taut pause. This type is often seen in high blood pressure sufferers. Treatment: Calms the liver and suppress Yang energy.

2)  Blood headacheDeficiency. Blood deficiency is caused by failure of blood to nourish the head correctly. Symptom: Headache, dizziness, palpitations, often worse in the afternoon, tiredness, pale complexion, associated with a heavy period, or in women who have had many kids. Treatment: Tonify the Yin-Blood.   



3) Damp-Phlegm Type.  Damp phlegm clogs the head. Symptoms: migraine pain in a fixed place or needle like prickling pain. This may occur if the patient has a history of external injury. Purple tongue, thready and hesitant pulse. Treatment: disperse blood stasis and dredge collateral.

Chinese herbal tea or ready-to-used herbal products are fundamental in migraine treatment. They can suppress Yang, calm liver, disperse blood stasis and tonify the Yin-blood. Acupuncture is also an effective treatment for migraine. Most cases are relieved during or immediately after acupuncture. The selection of acupuncture points BD20150_will depend on the different type of migraine.  Usually TCM doctors will recommend both herbal products and acupuncture together, which will work better and faster. The main herbal products are: ZHENG TIAN WAN, YUAN HU ZHI TONG PIAN etc.