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Our mission:

Our main strategy is to bring Chinese herbal medicines and acupuncture as alternative medicines into healthcare and well being in the Western countries.



Overview of Eden Herb Clinics:

Eden Herbs Clinic is trading name of Cheadle Acupuncture Limited. It symbolises a "return to nature" and the benefits of traditional medicines in modern day society. Eden Herbs Clinic provides best service and the best care. It offers alternative medical approaches including acupuncture and massage with fully qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. All activities are under the control of the practice code from the professional body, ATCM, the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (UK).


Peoples’ Opinions of Eden Herbs:

·       “The staff at Eden Herbs offer remedies that a conventional doctor doesn’t. They are trained in both Chinese and Western medicine. All of the staff are attentive and knowledgeable in the therapies that they suggest and can relieve pain and discomfort through these treatments. Dr Eve and her staff treat the problem in order to cure it rather than the symptoms. The clinic has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with willing staff who are eager to help all.”-Liz S, Accountant, Cheadle

·    “Offering massage, acupuncture and many other medically beneficial treatments, Dr Eve and her staff at Eden Herbs welcome all patients, old and new, with a warm, friendly service, listening in great depth to your problems/symptoms and giving useful advice, all as part of the service. Not only will Dr Eve listen in depth to all your issues, she will offer a treatment plan (usually a combination of acupuncture and massage) and explain the costs associated with this upfront, together with any additional medicines that will work in conjunction with the treatments to aid recovery. She’s offers treatment times to suit all patients and welcomes feedback from patients in order to improve the services on offer. Dr Eve’s standards are particularly high and her passion for helping people, whatever their issues, is obvious immediately. Chinese treatment and medicines are not as recognisable to many of us as Western medicine so those who have not tried Chinese methods should give it a try for a brief period before discounting it. After all over a 1000 years of medical practices, that still endure into the modern world, can’t be wrong!”-Liz Mc, Director of Local Estate&Property Mgt Agents, Wilmslow

·       “I started going to Dr Eve over 8 years ago for different ailments over the years. After being to my GP and using cortisone creams for my psoriasis. After a very in depth consultation with Dr Eve she suggested a plan that looked at both my nutrition and treatment plan. After just 2 weeks I saw a difference. Dr Eve treatments are holistic treating the cause of the problem. Dr Eve is extremely knowledgeable and Personal.”-Lisa, Aesthetic Practitioner, Cheadle

·       “The benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Eden Herbs Clinic Cheadle over traditional medicine:

- looks at the whole person and not just one or two symptoms; 

- long introductory consultation with Dr Eve Shen (WRITE IN QUALIFICATIONS). This involves description of symptoms, overview of general state of physical and mental health. (Checking pulse, showing tongue as a way of diagnosing symptoms);

- aims to rectify imbalances in the body and correct dysfunction as a way of healing symptoms;

- treatment is rarely just tablet oriented (as traditional medicine may be): TCM may involve one of several different treatments or a combination to alleviate one or more symptoms.  This includes acupuncture (to improve circulation, boost the immune system and liver function, reduce inflammation and alleviate stress symptoms); massage (usually deep tissue to lower stress and help relax); cupping (to reduce inflammation); herbal tablets, teas and paste; 

- advice may be sought on lifestyle factors such as diet, stress, insomnia and to overcome addictions such as smoking and overeating;

- more time is devoted to the patient's well-being - from the very first consultation. A course of treatment may last weeks or months;

- may not always need an appointment - walk-ins welcome;

- I believe that TCM therapy can help to treat most health problems especially chronic pain (arthritic and rheumatic, menopause, allergies, depression, chronic fatigue) and may be used in conjunction with traditional medicine.

I first started attending Dr Shen's clinic in 2008 with chronic lower back and neck pain. Over the years I have benefited from all the above treatments at some time which have helped to reduce/alleviate pain and reduce symptoms. I have always found Dr Shen and her team to work to the highest standards and take a real interest in helping to deal with my problems. “-Barbara D, Legal translator, former solicitor, Warsaw, Poland




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