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Eden Herbs Clinic has successfully treated hundreds of patients since 2005. The following comments were written by our clients.






·         Main complaints before treatment (Psoriasis)


Remark after treatment:

I have suffered from Psoriasis for 4 years before being recommended by a friend to Eden Herbs where her son had been successfully treated for the same condition, from which he also had suffered for a considerable length of time.

My GP had tried every traditional medication to cure the itching, inflammation and scaling on my scalp but it had been to no avail.

However, I took my friend’s advice and “popped in” to Eden Herbs the next time I was in Cheadle: Both Eve and David listened to my problem sympathetically and said they could cure it. The treatment started immediately and within four weeks it was cured. It was a great relief to be rid of the discomfort and also the embarrassment of what appeared to be dandruff on my clothes whenever I wore any dark coloured garment.  The treatment took place in June 2007, it is now the middle of October and there is no sign of the Psoriasis returning.

Obviously I am very relieved and also grateful to Eve, David and their staff for their expert care and attention

J24 (age: 81)

·         Main complaints before treatment (Dementia)

Early stages of vascular dementia, very painful feet due to arthritis.

Remark after treatment:

Dr. Eve prescribed herbal tea and drink to be taken before lunch for energy, head massage within a very short space at time, it was really noticeable how much my mum’s memory had improved. She was much less confused. I can’t recommend Dr. Eve and her team highly enough. I feel sure without Eden Herbs help, my mum would have deteriorated quite rapidly. Thank you so much.

P.S. also cream for mum feet to help with pain—it’s magic.

C142 daughter (age 85)



·         Main complaints before treatment: (Psoriasis)

Psoriasis for 4 years

Remark after treatment:

Skin now clear—Anxiety far less, much happier.

L53 (age 88)



·         Main complaints before treatment: (skin tags)

I had a number of skin tags on my neck, working with children they would often make unkind comments,

Remark after treatment:

I asked Eve if there was anything she could do to help. She asked me to return 30 mins later. She gave me a black cream which I put on the tags each evening. After 5-7 days, they started to be smaller and within 14 days they had all completely gone. Thank you Eve.

P68 (age 59)



·         Main complaints before treatment: (Warts)


Remark after treatment:

After 6 weeks of using the cream, the warts have nearly disappeared,  a few more weeks of using the cream I think they will have gone completely, very impressed and very effective. Thank you.

J32 (age 50)



·         Main complaints before treatment: (Eczema)

Always itching and scratching herself. Diagnosed with having Eczema. Came to see if the doctor could do anything for Lydia and was given a herbal bath and cream to rub on her skin.

Remark after treatment:

After two weeks of treatment the change in Lydia is amazing. She hardly ever itches and is more settled and contented. The baths (which the hates!), and the creams have worked incredibly well.

We honestly thought they wouldn’t work as well or so quickly.

B124 (age: 9 months)


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Migraine)

I suffered from migraines for the majority of my life.

When I presented at the Eden Clinic I had had a continuous migraine for 6 weeks. I had been to my doctor a number of times but nothing they prescribed had changed my symptoms. On this occasion I also experienced dizziness and had been for a CAT scan to rule out other causes. After a record 6 weeks of intense pain I was at my whit’s end.

Remark after treatment:

Dr. Shen took my case. I was impressed with all the things she was able to tell me that I had forgotten to mention. Dr. Shen said that I would need a course of acupuncture together with some herbal “tea”. Within 2 days of treatment my migraine had gone!! Also my dizziness had gone. I was left with none of the after effects of the migraine that I would normally have. I continued my treatments making progress with the underlying problems that caused my migraines and other issues. Now I’m feeling very much better and have had no headaches or migraine since my first treatment, 3 months on. The causes of the migraines that Dr. Shen identified took a little longer to resolve, but as these were long standing this is only to be expected.

Now I have been “released” I will miss my weekly treatments as I used to find them very relaxing and therapeutic in their own right.

L65 (age 50)





·         Main complaints before treatment: (Shoulder pain)

Bad pains in right shoulder, cause unknown

Remark after treatment:

Following a course of acupuncture treatment, I am now free from pain. I find that coming for occasional massage treatment is also a considerable help.



·         Main complaints before treatment: (Diabetes)

Diabetes for 15 years my legs were both hard a stiffness , swollen and hurt.

Remark after treatment:

No more stiffness or hardness and also skin is now very soft. No more flakiness and the swelling has gone down.

D36 (age:63)


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Ligament)

Torn ligament and a strained ligament in knee. Very bad swelling and pain—came for treatment 6 months after injuring and no real improvement.

Remark after treatment:

I had 8 acupuncture treatments weekly. The results were remarkable. After ¾ weeks nearly all swelling was gone and pain was reduced considerably. The recovery from then was swift. I no longer had pain and discomfort at night or pain on walking.

S110 (age: 60)


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Lichen Planus)

Lichen Planus. Busters on skin-main area- elbows, back, feet and wrist. Very itchy skin condition, had this problem for 7 years-the local hospital treatment did not help. Can cause mouth ulcers

Remark after treatment:

Within 1 week, the itching had subsided, 3 months the skin had healed-although scarring can take a lot longer.

O11 (age: 35)


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Insomnia)

Chronic insomnia—unable to get off to sleep and when finally able to get to sleep, waking frequently and unable to go back to sleep.

Remark after treatment:

Now managing to get to sleep and stay asleep for 4 to 7 hours a night. Feel so much more refreshed and able to cope with demands of the day.

H129 (age: 62)


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Lump)

I woke up one morning with great pain on my left breast. On check I found I had a lump. I was so worried- what if it was cancer? I came to see Eve who said it was more likely to be my horremoans. She gave me some herbs within 3 days the pain had gone and within 5-7 days the lump was much smaller.

Remark after treatment:

It has been 2 years since the treatment and I have not had any of the symptoms.

M87A (age:43)


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Rheumatoid arthritis)

Rheumatoid arthritis: inflammation, stiffness and aches in finger joints, toes, ankles, knees and right wrist. In addition, tiredness, broken sleep and stress.

Remark after treatment:

Combination of acupuncture, herbal tea and massage. Symptoms in knee and ankle settle down totally. Swelling and restricted movement in right wrist now resolved. Reduced tenderness in finger joints. Toes still tender, however aching has settled down. Sleeping better and feeling more relaxed.

H117 (age:42)


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Frozen shoulder)

Frozen shoulder, severe pains

Remark after treatment:

After one treatment improved movement in my right shoulder, less pain. After two treatments full movement and only a little pain. Very happy with the results. Amazing treatment! Thank you so much.

M112 (age:55)




·         Main complaints before treatment: (Back Pain)

Back pain for one year.

Remark after treatment:

The pain has gone after the treatment of acupuncture and herbal teas for 3 weeks. Great!




·         Main complaints before treatment: (Insomnia and Rheumatoid arthritis)

Insomnia and Rheumatoid arthritis

Remark after treatment:

After 2 months treatment at Eden herbs, I have resumed work. The treatment consists of acupuncture with hot cupping, massage and herbal tea. My energy is starting to return and I am keen to continue to have this treatment for a long term to a full recovering, and also is maintain good health.

Dr. Shen has led on my treatment and I have found her to be extremely patient, helpful and skilled.

I have recommended Dr. Shen to friends.


Barry Schilling


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Eczema)

I am having suffered with this eczema for over 25+ years.

Remark after treatment:

I have not finished my treatment yet but am feeling much better. I still have good days and bad days, but the good days certainly are becoming more the normal.

My skin is not as itching and it is also not as dry.

I seem to have a lot more energy.


L. Ratcliffe


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Hayfever)

I came in with severe hayfever, no medical tablets had worked. Eyes very itchy, nose constantly running, headache and very tired. This was early March. Also the tablets I was taking at the time seem to have no effect any more and they made my skin itchy and red, which went once I began treatment.

Remark after treatment:

Start treatment and within two weeks my headache had gone and slowly over the month I stopped sneering and the eyes stopped being itchy. Over the next month my tiredness went as my immune system built up.

I will be back early February next year to start treatment and hopefully have no more hayfever.




·         Main complaints before treatment: (Hip pain)

Very bad pain in right hip and could not walk only with a walking stick.

Remark after treatment:

I could walk without a stick with only a little pain




·         Main complaints before treatment: (ME, Fibremyraga)

Shoulder injury and fibremyraga and ME. I was in a lot of pain from shoulder injury and the pain from the fibremyraga. I was on morphine for the pain and feeling very tired and depressed.

Remark after treatment:

Eve has treated my whole body paying attention to my injured shoulder, that has show a marked improvement (treatment is on going). She has addressed my other problems and my body is now back in balance and I am feeling much better, and am able to live a more fruitful life. I can now maintain a higher standing level than previously. I have been so grateful to Eve and Eden herbs for the care and treatment. I have received without their treatment I would not be in the healthy position I am now in.

Thank you to all the staff for their support and I urge everyone to try this treatment as the results will astound you.




·         Main complaints before treatment:(Ligament pains)

Sprained leg ligament--- I couldn’t walk properly.

Remark after treatment:

Excellent, now after 5 treatments, able to run around and wear a high heel shoes again!




·         Main complaints before treatment: (Menopause)

Hot flushes and general menopausal symptoms.

Remark after treatment:

I have had a course of acupuncture and herbal teas. Although the herbal teas were not pleasant, the hot flushes stopped within 3 weeks and the mood swings and tiredness have greatly improved.




·         Main complaints before treatment: (ME)

ME for 6 months

Remark after treatment:

After 5 months acupuncture and herbal treatments, I have fully recovered.

Thank you


T. Price


·         Main complaints before treatment: (ME)

ME for 2 years, Period problems-always had problems.

Remark after treatment:

After 6 months acupuncture and herbal treatments.

ME—I feel a lot stronger and almost back to normal. All the symptoms have reduced and most gone completely.

Periods—No more problems.

The doctors in Eden Herbs are very kind and understanding. I was very nervous about first going and the acupuncture. They were very reassuring and I felt very relaxed, and now I feel OK about going and enjoy the acupuncture treatment. It is very relaxing.


J. Brown


·         Main complaints before treatment:(Migraine)

Migraine and headaches 2/3 times per week for 10 years.

Remark after treatment:

No migraine, very few headaches




·         Main complaints before treatment: (Parathesia)

Parathesia, pins and needles in hands and feet. Lack of energy.

Remark after treatment:

Good process towards recovery, treatment continuing. Doctor Eve has benefited all symptoms by her treatment.


D. MacInbyre


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Rheumatoid arthritis and Insomnia)

Rheumatoid arthritis and Insomnia.

Remark after treatment:

Rheumatoid arthritis is all but cured. My husband and I can hardly believe the difference.  I am so much better.

The insomnia has definitely shown some improvement and I feel that this, like the rheumatoid arthritis with your treatment, will also get better.

Thank you!


P. Husby


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Neck/ shoulder pains)

Severe pains in neck, shoulders and upper back. Difficult to reach up or bend forward without hurting. G.P. diagnosis, arthritis in shoulders, treatment was to twice strong painkillers which did not work and made me feel unwell. I could not lift or carry anything slightly heavy.

Remark after treatment:

After my first session of acupuncture the relief was fantastic. I also had hot cupping and massage which relaxed me so much the pain seemed to disappear. I had a total of six sessions and can’t believe how much better I feel. I am now able to do most everyday chores without pain, but like everything, I have to remember my limitations. I would recommend this type of treatment to anyone who is in pain, as this method, to me, is far better than constantly taking painkillers which only mask the pain, as the pain is still there when tablets wear off. There is nothing to fear with acupuncture, it is painless and it does work for those who are willing to give is a try, and I am definitely glad I did. Thanks to Eden Herbs.




·         Main complaints before treatment(Well-being)

I first went to the clinic with no specific ailment. I asked the doctor for a consultation because I tired easily. Her diagnosis suggested a body imbalance and heat retained within the body. She recommended a course of acupuncture and some herbal pills.

Remark after treatment:

I went regularly (weekly) at first and enjoyed the treatment. I began feeling better, more energy. I felt so much better ‘all round’. I go fortnightly and look forward to each session.

All the practitioners at Eden Clinic are fantastic, friendly, caring and very hard-working. I recommended it to friends who are now as impressed as I am. I would recommend it to anybody. Thank you so much- Eve, David and Angela.




·         Main complaints before treatment: (Ankle Pain)

Extreme pain in left ankle following surgery in 2008. I sustained compound fractures to both bones. I was facing further surgery that may not have been successful. I could not walk without limping and could not lead to a normal life.


Remark after treatment:

After my first session of acupuncture I was amazed. I walked without a limp and my pain was much improved. After further treatments I am now back at work full time. I no longer need surgery. Dr. She and her team have given me my life back.


C149 (age 59)


·         Main complaints before treatment:( Weight loss)

Weight on hips and bloated feeling.


Remark after treatment:

Hips felt slimmer after one week and lost around 6 pounds. I would definitely recommend at least once a month!


·         Main complaints before treatment: (high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol)

I had high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.


Remark after treatment:

I had treatments at Eden’s, my level of diabetes had nearly normal after an annual check-up by my normal doctor, together with my pressure and cholesterol. I am still seeing Eden’s on a monthly period to improve it further. Thank you so much Eden!


C135(age 46)


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Acne)

I have been suffering from acne since I was a teenager and have tried everything without success. Very, very painful, heavy periods. Had to take tramadol which still did not ease the pain. The pain interfered with my life and was constantly being woke in the night due to the pain being so bad throughout the month.

Remark after treatment:

Amazing! After 2 sessions of acupuncture along with taking the tablets my skin completely cleared up! I can not remember when my skin has been this good. I have not had a period which was so painless since I was about 12! My periods are now lighter and pain free. I don’t have to take paracetamol anymore.

I can not recommend Eve highly enough.


L77 (age 29)


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Cystitis)


I have had recurrent cystitis for the past 6 years. I have been numerous courses of antibiotics and had two cystoscopys to hiden my urethra, but none of this helped. I was having cystitis breakouts at least 4 or 5 times a week. I tried eliminating certain food out of my diet and practically living on cranberry juice but it barely helped. I had acupuncture for this around 3 years ago and it kept the cystitis away for about a year. Until recently when it started all over again, I knew acupuncture was the only treatment that had previous worked, so I came here to seek help.


Remark after treatment:

In my first session, I was told that my immune system was very low, but she was confident she could help. I had one session per week, after first two sessions I noticed that the cystitis breakout was drastically decrease. She gave me some tablets to build up my immune system. After the 3rd or 4th session, I actually did not have cystitis even once during the week. Now I think I am at my 6th session and now being treated my ongoing sinus problems as the cystitis has completely disappeared! I can’t stress what an amazing feeling this is! All therapists genuinely care and really have just totally helped my condition and give me a far better quality of life.


M140 (age 29)

·         Main complaints before treatment: (Psoriasis)

Had psoriasis for 3 years


Remark after treatment:

The treatment worked very well within 4 weeks, most of the psoriasis was cleared up. Now I do not have psoriasis.


A65A(age 15)


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Eczema)

Severe eczema. It covered my all body, very red and itching with broken skin on feet and legs.


Remark after treatment:

 The first session seemed to cool the heat down and stop the eczema spreading. By the second session I was feeling a bit better. But by the day after the second session the eczema just died down considerably. It continued to improve and life is much more bearable. I am writing this just after my third session and again I feel much cooler, I feel the change in my body immediately after session.


C84A (age 27)


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Shoulder/neck pains)


Stiff shoulder and wrist. Pain between shoulder blades. Felt run down. Always getting colds and sleeping badly


Remark after treatment:

 Pain in shoulder and wrist gone. In general most of stiffness has gone after 8 week course of acupuncture, cupping and massage plus Chinese herbs. General health better, no cold! Plus sleeping better.


W116(age 45)


·         Main complaints before treatment: (Psoriasis)

Very dry, itchy and flaky scalp.


Remark after treatment:

Excellent, after 1 treatment of acupuncture and daily lotion, my condition had cleared within 1 week. I now only use the lotion if the itching starts or I feel under stress, which is also helped with the acupuncture.


S149(age 36)





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