BD20067_Acne is the most common of all skin conditions, featured by reddened, inflamed pimples. It is found mainly on the face but can also occur on the back, shoulders and chest.Acne is unsightly and can cause quite distress for some people


In terms of TCM, acne is considered a disease primarily related to the Pathogenic Influence of Heat on the lung, spleen, Zang and Fu channels. This Heat may be a product of poor diet, overwork, intemperate sexual activity, or the natural ascendance of Yang energy, which is typical in adolescence. Heat may affect the Lung or Stomach Meridians, from where it is transmitted to the skin, causing the conditionís inflammatory response. Heat may combine with Dampness to form a Damp-Heat complex, affecting the skin and sebaceous glands. In more severe cases the eruptions can feel sore or itchy. Teenagers are more susceptible to acne because during puberty there is an increase in androgens in both boys and girls. Pre-menstrual women also often experience outbreaks of acne. TCM classifies acne into three different types:

1)         Wind-heat effect in the lung channel

supersaladWind-heat in the lung system can stimulate the skin and cause acne. Main symptoms: lesions on the forehead and near nose, slight itching, sensitivity to wind, feel thirsty, red tip of tongue with thin and yellow coat and slippery rapid pulse.


2)         Damp-heat in spleen & stomach system

Main symptoms: Lesions around the mouth and chest, p_am_testshould, and back, large appetite and thirst, dry stools, yellow and greasy fur coating on the tongue and soft and rapid pulse.

3)         Disharmony of Zang & Fu channels

Main symptoms:This type of acne changes according to the menstruation cycle. It is usually worse before menstruation, accompanied by irregular periods or period pain. The tongue is dark red with yellow coating. Taut and rapid pulse.



Internal treatment: Herbal products are achieved to expel wind and clear away heat in lung channel, clear away heat and eliminate dampness, or regulate the Zang and Fu. The main herbal products are: QING RE AN CHUANG PIAN (get rid of heat and dampness), LIAN QIAO BAI DU PILLS (detoxin).


External treatment: Detoxifying herbs for external wash and herbal gel for washing greasy skin on the face. Main herbal products: 101E, Herbal soap, Pian Zai Huang pearl cream.